6th Century Christian Britain from King Arthur to Rome’s Austin

Early evidence for the historicity of Celtic Britain's King Arthur

London's nineteenth-century King's College History Professor Brewer, in his book The Student's Hume on the History of England, discusses the A.D. 825 work known as The History of the Britons. Its full title is The History of the Britons from Creation to 687. Its authorship is very credibly ascribed to the Celtic Briton Nenni — who died early in the ninth century.

In that work, explains Brewer,3 the author professes to have collected his materials from: the traditions of his elders; the monuments of the Ancient Britons; the Latin chroniclers (Isidore, Jerome, Prosper &c.); and the various histories of the Scots and Saxons. The historian Professor Brewer then says he sees no real reason to doubt this. In our opinion, nor should anyone else.