6th Century Christian Britain from King Arthur to Rome’s Austin

Yet although he favoured Cornwall as King Arthur's headquarters, Malory too knows of the importance to Arthur of places also in North Britain. For Malory also mentions Arthur's exploits in North Wales, at "Caerleon" (or at Chester); at "Carlisle" (or Caer-Leill in Cumbria); in Northumberland; and even at "Orkney."6

Malory also mentions Joseph of Arimathea, the Sancgreal or Holy Grail, and Glastonbury — as well as Arthur's infant baptism (as the son of King Uthyr Pendragon).7 Malory further stresses the political importance of the time when "all the lords…came together in the greatest church of London on Christmas morn" — and of knightings at "Candlemas" and gatherings at "Pentecost."8