The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Quarterly Communion at Annual Seasons – 5th ed. 2003


1.  The Seasons and their annual Feasts root in formation week at Genesis 1:14f  2.  ‘Seasonal Communion’ in Genesis 8:20-22 and thenceforth at the four Seasons  3.  The progressive inception and development of the four Seasonal Feasts  4.  The Passover and the other Seasonal Feasts each held annually  5.  Matthew Henry’s comments on Israel’s Seasonal Feasts  6.  Sacrifices and Passovers in Leviticus   7.  The second Passover in the desert: Numbers nine   8.  No Easter Sunday Evening Sacrament just days after Eucharist was instituted  9.  No ‘Daily Communion’ or ‘Weekly Communion’ in Acts 2:42-46 10.  Grover Gunn versus John Calvin on Acts 2:42f 11.  No ‘Weekly Communion’ in Acts 20:6f 12.  Gunn’s garbling of Acts 20:6f 13.  Calvin versus Gunn on Acts 20:6f 14.  Calvin on Communion in First Corinthians 11:20f 15.  Gunn versus Scripture on Holy Communion 16.  ‘All Scripture’: versus fragmentative dispensationalism 17.  Ante-Nicene patristic testimony as to the frequency of Communion 18.  Bingham’s allegations that Early Church practised Weekly Communion 19.  The deformation of Communion in the Mediaeval Church 20.  The young Calvin (1536-1540) on the frequency of Communion 21.  Calvin’s views on Communion matured, from 1540 to 1560f 22.  Eucharistic frequency’s train of events in Calvin’s Switzerland from 1525-1564f 23.  Calvin’s student Knox continues ‘Quarterly Communion’ 24.  The Westminster Assembly’s Gillespie on the frequency of Communion 25.  The Westminster Standards: Communion not to be weekly 26.  Dutch Reformed ‘Quarterly Communion’ also in Colonial America 27.  Rev. Robert Grossmann’s excellent paper on communion frequency 28.  Scriptural ‘Quarterly Communion’ vs. Paedocommunion & ‘Weekly Communion’ 29.  The earliest communion practices of the Scots-Irish Presbyterians 30.  Statement by North Pine Presbyterian Church on “Quarterly Communion” 31.  Statement by Rev. Bancroft of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. 32.  July 2002 Interaction between Shank and Lee on the Directory for Public Worship 33.  September 2003 statements by Rev. Bancroft against Weekly Communionism 34.  Subsequent response of Rev. Lanning to Weekly Communionist Whitmer 35.  Dr. J.G. Vos on the importance of Preparatory Services Before Communion 36.  Summary: Quarterly Communion at Biblical Seasons annually

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