Quarterly Communion at Annual Seasons – 5th ed. 2003

Also during His postnatal life Jesus regularly predicted: His death at Easter; His subsequent coming back in His Spirit at Pentecost always to tabernacle within us during the ‘Fall’; and His final coming again back into the World at its ‘Winter’ (as it were).   It was therefore appropriate that also His New Testament Church should commune with Him seasonally thus.   Luke 22:1-20  & Acts 20:6f cf. Acts 2:1-42f & I Cor. 5:7f & 11:20f & 16:8, etc.) – as also His Early-Patristic Church certainly did (see later below).  

No wonder, then, that also Calvin finally approved of the 1541 Ecclesiastical Ordinances:6 “The Supper was instituted by our Lord for our frequent use….   It should be administered four times a year [Genesis 1:14; 8:20-22; Exodus 23:14-17 & 34:22f ; Leviticus 23:14f ; Deuteronomy 16:16 & John 10:22f] — namely at Christmas [in the Winter]; Easter [in Spring]; Whitsun [or Pentecost, in the Summer]; and on the first Sunday of September in Autumn [or the Fall].”