Quarterly Communion at Annual Seasons – 5th ed. 2003

Matthew Henry’s comment on this first Passover after the Exodus – the second ever celebrated –

– 10 –

is full of instruction.   He points out on Numbers 9:1-14 that "here we have…an order given for the solemnization of the Passover – the day twelve months after they came out of Egypt – on the fourteenth day of the first month of the second year….  

"The Israelites in the wilderness could not forget their deliverance out of Egypt….   However, because the first Passover was celebrated in a hurry, and was rather the substance itself than the sign – it was the will of God that, at the return of the year when they were more composed and better acquainted with the Divine Law, they should observe it again [so] that their children might more distinctly understand the solemnity and the better remember it hereafter.