Catabaptism in the Presbyterian Church in America


"It is a matter for rejoicing that the recently republished Thornwell is again being read for his undoubted excellence  in almost all fields except that of baptism.  Yet it is an awful tragedy indeed that his maverick catabaptism is again being promoted by those who uncritically venerate even his baptismal aberrations.  At this very point, they too fall into the ancient and schismatic and grievous error of catabaptism….

"Praise God for the excellencies of Thornwell!   But let him hang his hoary head in shame for his shocking anticovenantal and anti-Calvinistic statement (Collected Writings IV:348) that even the  covenantal seed are to be regarded as 'enemies of God' until 'they come to Him' — and for his shocking departure (ib. III:283f) from orthodox historic Calvinism toward great catabaptist error!