Adventures With God – Part 1 (Autobiography)

Mymaternalgrandparentsdisapproved ofmymother'sreligiouschoiceofahusbandwhen she married my father in April 1933. Since his emigration as a small boy with his sister and their mother from South Africa to England, he had grown up in the home of the parents of his mother's niece Frances, the Protestants Rev. and Mrs. W.G.F. Pearson. There his mother, my grandmother, served as housekeeper at 15 Gillingate in Kendal (in the County of Cumbria).

My father himself pioneered rediffusion (an early kind of "poor man's radio service") all along the border of England and Scotland. When a Methodist Minister would not help him to make rediffusion available to the poor in his area, my father became a vehement Atheist. Because my father then became a Member of the radical Rationalist Press Association and actively distributed their infidel literature, I can well understand why my mother's staunch Roman Catholic parents did not view him as a desirable husband for their daughter.