Adventures With God – Part 1 (Autobiography)

My father tells the rest of the story. He visited me in hospital, where the doctor told him that I, his only child, was not likely to live. Though then an Atheist, Dad admits he then prayed (and I am now crying with wonder as I type this): "Oh God, if there is a God — save my son!"

Next day,thedoctortold him: "Mr.Lee,wethink yoursonmaylive;but ifhedoes, hemay never walk again." Years later, I became a caver and a wrestler and a long-distance runner. And now, in my seventy-first year, I still walk miles every day!

– 8 –

On the third day, the doctor told my Dad: "Mr. Lee, we now think your son shall live, and may probably also walk; but he may yet become mentally retarded." With the latter, my enemies today concur!