Adventures With God – Part 1 (Autobiography)

The first was that prayer of his, for me, in hospital — when I was a child. The second was the very great change in my own life — when I myself came to Christ when aged twenty-one. Oh Lord my God; how great, how great Thou art!

Now right after the outbreak of the Second World War, our family moved to St. Helens, where my father joined the Royal Navy. That town was then fiercely attacked by German bombers. At St. Helens Convent School, when six, I can remember extinguishing a German incendiary bomb which fell on the playground. Too, the little girl next door to our home died during a German bombing raid — while our family was protected in a makeshift home air raid shelter under our staircase.   Thus the God of grace took one child; but spared the other (me).