Adventures With God – Part 1 (Autobiography)

– 9 –

contact with one of them who told me the sad story of their own lapses from the Romish priesthood. Fortunately, the Salvation Army and the Baptists later got hold of him (but not his two brothers). Last I heard, he claimed to be a born-again Christian — though still playing the organ in the Church of Rome where he was still worshipping.

Yet histwo brothers, hewroteme, had not beenthatfortunate. One(whowhen helearned I had become an Atheist) wrote me I was on the road to hell. He later ran off with a divorcee. Consequently, he was excommunicated from the priesthood by the Pope himself.

The other — who had become a sackcloth-wearing Trappist monk — had then liaised with but later married a Scandinavian Lutheran. But he subsequently became re-reconciled with Rome (and, I believe, then became a teacher in a Catholic school somewhere in Britain).