Adventures With God – Part 1 (Autobiography)

LeavingMorecambeforthesaferKendal,asalittleladIlivedforawhilewithmy paternal grandmother. The reasons for this were: 1) because my father was being transferred by the Royal Navy to South Africa to chase German and Japanese submarines away from Cape Town; 2) because my mother’s driving a war ambulance meant that she too was usually away from home; and 3) because Kendal was a rural area, and not likely to be bombed by the Germans (as St. Helens was).

Grannie Lee was the housekeeper of her niece, whom I called "Auntie Frances." Herself then still only a nominal Protestant [until later led to the Lord by her own daughter my Auntie Doris]–my grandmotherconscientiouslysawtoit that,afterattendingtheRobins’Kindergarten acrossthestreet,I receivedmyCatholicInstructionfromSisterAgnesin hernearbytinyConvent in Gillingate.