Adventures With God – Part 1 (Autobiography)

On the front cover, are two photographs of the same person — taken seventy years apart! One is of this sinner in his first year, and the other of this same sinner in his seventy-first year. Over those seventy years, he changed from a little sinner into a big sinner (though a saved one). Throughout those seventy years, however, his Triune God  neverchanged(Genesis1:1-26f cf. Matthew 28:19). ForGod has always been "theAncient ofdays" (Daniel 7:13). AndwithHim there "is no variableness, neither shadow of turning" (James 1:17).

What Christians need today is not more self-consciousness or Church-consciousness, but more God-consciousness. It is my prayer that this book might have that effect on its readers, whosoever they may be — and that God’s great Name may thereby be glorified.