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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Adventures With God – Part 1 (Autobiography)

For my B.A. degree — with a view to a later LL.B. (and after my conversion a B.D.) — I took courses in Jurisprudence, Latin, Roman Law, Roman-Dutch Law, Constitutional History and Law,NativeLawand Administration, Logic and Metaphysics, Hebrew, and Greek. Yet my real interest at University was at first not in study — but in playing poker to earn money. Indeed, I then always carried a pack of cards around in my pocket — as my “Bible.” And during one of the summer vacations, I once hitch-hiked to Zimbabwe and slept overnights in jails.

At the University, I continued studying Law with a view to becoming first an Advocate or Barrister of the Supreme Court and then to enter Politics with the aim of becoming a Member of Parliament. To help achieve this, I bought and started reading a Bible in Afrikaans — yet not believing a single word of it. I also left my parents’ home in Cape Town (never wishing to see them again), with a view to completing my LL.B. while working with a law firm in Pretoria.

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