Adventures With God – Part 2 (Autobiography)

At that time, Rev. Bob Thomas, the current Moderator of the [Federal] General Assembly of Australia [GAA] of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, and then Editor of the denominationalmagazineAustralian Presbyterian Life,interviewedme. Hehadflown up from SydneytoBrisbanejust toreport on my induction as ProfessorofTheology. Hereis his article, titled An Interview With Nigel Lee, which appeared in the May 1981 edition (with a full-page colour photograph of me being inducted on its front cover):

"Professor Lee, could you tell us of your background as a Christian? I was born in 1934 near the Scottish border, of a father who was a militant Atheist and a mother who was a Roman Catholic, and was reared in an atmosphere of religious disagreement. In 1940, we moved to Cape Town (South Africa) where father was head of Radar Command for the Royal Navy. But it wasn’t until 1955 that I received assurance of my salvation in Christ.