Adventures With God – Part 2 (Autobiography)

But Rev. Guido Kettniss and his lovely family kindly looked after me for several days. While staying there, I preached for him (my first sermon in Australia). After the service, a visiting Minister told me at the door of the church: "You sound just like an American Negro!"

On the day after my first Sabbath Down Under, Guido shut up his Christian Reformed Bookroom for five whole days.   Unheard of!   Why did the dear man do that?

Because, for the next working-week, he sacrificially did nothing else but drive me around from car-dealer to car-dealer and from house-for-sale to house-for-sale. I ended up buying a large Datsun, after Guido had dickered down the price to $4000 even. Then, when I liked the fortieth house Guido showed me, he had his (and from that moment onward) my friend the Christian Architect Chad Palmer put his imprimatur on it — before I bought it (together with most of its furniture).