Adventures With God – Part 2 (Autobiography)

At the Theological Hall, I was soon teaching many subjects. Especially: Systematic Theology; History ofDoctrine; Ethics; and Apologetics. Later, also Church History was added to my workload — and Apologetics then relinquished to Part-Time Lecturers.

During my first year in Australia (1981), I also frequently preached in various churches — at Ascot, the College Chapel, St. Paul's, Cleveland, Caboolture, Mitchelton, Toowoomba, Mansfield, Annerley, Hurstville, Bexley, Cairns, Atherton, Mt. Tamborine, and my family's home church at Virginia-Banyo. I also took the Home Missionaries' Conference at Margate, and preached the General Assembly Communion Sermon (on Revelation 22:1-5).