Adventures With God – Part 2 (Autobiography)

This means the cultural treasures of "all people that on Earth do dwell." The tremendous technologyand commercial products oftheUnitedStates; themusicofGermanyand Russia; the art of ancient Greece and Rome, of Spain and France, and of Holland and Italy; the exquisite gardens of Japan and of southwestern England; the breathtakingly beautiful carpets of Iran and Afghanistan; and the folklore of the Afrikaners and the Irish! The music of Beethoven, Greig, and Rimsky-Korsakoff; the paintings of Rembrandt and Constable and da Vinci; the poetry of Goethe and Milton and Eugene Marais; the theology of Luther and Calvin and Augustine and Warfield — all cleansed from their present sinful accretions, and all exhibited and enjoyed and seen or heard in the halls and museums of the New Jerusalem, for all eternity. Enjoyed! For the meek shall inherit the Earth (Matthew 5:5).