Adventures With God – Part 2 (Autobiography)

But the people of God shall inherit not only the Earth and its true art and true music now being composed by others. They shall enjoy also the eternal fruits of their own earthly work. For "blessed are the dead which die in the Lord…, so that theymayrest from their labours! And their works keep on following them" (Revelation 14:13).

On the New Earth, Christian artists shall thus be able to view even their own paintings (painted while still on this present Earth) — and Christian farmers shall sit under their own vines andfig-trees(Micah 4:4cf.Revelation 2:17). Christianarchitects shallbe abletosurvey(though perhaps on a smaller scale) their own buildings constructed during this present life — after such have been cleansed from all their present imperfections. For "their works follow them." And thenceforth, untoalleternity,monthaftermonthsaved humans shallcontinuetoemploytheirold cultural talents anew, while also developingnewskills and talents –to thegloryof the Lord, and to the enjoyment of all of God's people.