Always Victorious! The Earliest Church Not Pre- but Postmillenial


(1) Many modern Pretribulationists and other Dispensationalists (such as John Walvoord and Hal Lindsey) claim that most (if not all) of the first Early Church Fathers were Rapturists. Such believe Jesus could return "any moment" to resurrect dead Christians and then secretly "rapture" His dwindling though still-living Church "up in the air" before "the great tribulation" of ungodly earthlings. Thereafter, the Church would then return and rule with Christ on Earth for a thousand years  until God would resurrect the wicked dead.

(2) That notion (called "Chiliasm") is false. Neither the Church of the Older Testament (even when under foreign domination) nor the always-struggling and often-persecuted Church of the Newer Testament (even till the fourth century) ever expected to dwindle or to be whisked away; but only to conquer this great planet Earth under her victorious Messiah. That Church expected God not to the rapture her  but to heal the World His Son had come to save.