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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Always Victorious! The Earliest Church Not Pre- but Postmillenial

(3) During the fourth century, the Church’s expectations and efforts were partially realized  at the nominal christianization of the Pagan Roman Empire. For the victory-orientated Church of the first four centuries was overwhelmingly anti-chiliastic, and totally antipretribulationistic.

(4) Even the famous Premillennial Scholar Prof. George Eldon Ladd insists against Pretribulationism that “every Church Father who deals with this subject, expects the Church to suffer at the hands of Antichrist…. We can find no trace of Pretribulationism in the Early Church. And no modern Pretribulationist has successfully proved that this particular doctrine was held by any of the Church Fathers or Students of the Word before the nineteenth century.”1

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