Always Victorious! The Earliest Church Not Pre- but Postmillenial

(34) It is true these few Christian leaders did advocate the chiliastic teaching of "two resurrections." Yet they differed from most modern Premillennialists in many ways. For they denied that, since Calvary, the Jews are in any way "God's Chosen People." They also denied it was predicted the Jews would return to Palestine. And they were all antipretribulationistic.

(35) Justin Martyr, for instance, believed that the Gentile Christians would ultimately live in Jerusalem. Irenaeus was an Anti-Judaistic Covenant Theologian. Tertullian expected a massive World-wide conversion of the Gentiles prior to the millennium.30 The premillennial views of Bishop Nepos were grossly materialistic. Commodian believed in the establishment of the New Jerusalem before the millennium. And Lactantius (who frequently quoted from pagan sources to support his views) believed that the Non-Christian Gentiles would be enslaved during the thousand years. What modern Dispensationalist would agree with any of these views?