Are the Mosaic Laws for Today?


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changes to the Presbyterian Church in America’s version of the Westminster Standards in the future – especially as regards the prooftexts for the various statements made in the Standards – cannot be discounted altogether.8 However, even though fallible, the Westminster Standards are nevertheless most blessed documents. They were constructed by some of the finest theologians the World has ever seen. They were systematized over a period of many years. And they are the result of extremely meticulous Bible study, having been produced by gifted Christian scholars utterly loyal to the Word of God. The widespread ignorance of their teachings today is one of the characteristic symptoms of the general spiritual poverty of the modern Church. But a thorough study of these precious Standards and a consistent application of their Biblical teachings, would even in our present age probably result in the transformation of the World into a greater manifestation of the Kingdom of God through the power of Christ’s Spirit.