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The Antichrist in Scripture – The Popes According to Luther and Calvin

– 1 – "A profitless and fanciful belief about the imminent return of Christ had gained wide currency….   First [however,] there must come apostasy in the Church — and a great part of the World turn from God in faithlessness.   Indeed, Antichrist must reign in God’s temple…. "Under the Papacy there is nothing more well-known… Read more »

See Scripture Straight — not from the Loony Left, nor from the Romish Right!

No earlier than about A.D. 64, Peter's Second Epistle (1:16-21) insists: "We have not followed cunning-devised fables!   We made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and were eyewitnesses of His majesty….   We heard!….   [Yet,] we have too a more sure word of prophecy….   Know this — that no forthtelling… Read more »

Revealed to Babies: Jesus on Saving Faith in Pre-baptized Covenantal Babies

"Jesus…said: ‘I thank You, O Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth,      because You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent,      and have revealed them to babies!’"   Matthew 11:25.         "Babies cannot believe!"   Thus say many Arminian Baptist Christians.   However, they forget that covenantal children are said to be holy from their very conception onward.  … Read more »

Quarterly Communion at Biblical Seasons Annually – 2001 ed.

'Seasonal Communion' throughout Holy Scripture 'Seasonal Communion' three or four times a year best harmonizes with the totality of Biblical teaching. Indeed, on the very first page of the Holy Bible, Gen. 1:14's "seasons" or moo'a:diym are not just climatic — but also liturgical (as further seen in Lev. 23:4-37 etc.). This is further evident,… Read more »

Quarterly Communion at Annual Seasons – 5th ed. 2003

                                                        INDEX   1.  The Seasons and their annual Feasts root in formation week at Genesis 1:14f  2.  ‘Seasonal Communion’ in Genesis 8:20-22 and thenceforth at the four Seasons  3.  The progressive inception and development of the four Seasonal Feasts  4.  The Passover and the other Seasonal Feasts each held annually  5.  Matthew Henry’s comments… Read more »

Peter: No Pope, or Pentecostalist, but Protestant!

761.  The Holy Spirit and Peter in the Synoptic Gospels The Synoptic Gospels are Matthew, Mark and Luke.   All of them were written probably in the sixties of the first century A.D., and contain much overlapping material.   The Gospel of the Apostle Matthew seems to have been recorded first — and that of the ‘Petrine’… Read more »

Personal Testimony of Dr. F. N. Lee

FROM ATHEIST TO CHRISTIAN MINISTER      My heart has ever been prone to wander away from my God – ever since my conception. Shortly after my birth, I was baptized and sealed in the Name of the Triune God – as His property.   Then I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church by my religious… Read more »

Outline for “Culture in Biblical Perspective”

This is a 1976 chronological outline for an expansion of my article Kultuur en Godsdiens and my books Calvin on the Sciences and Man’s Origin and Destiny and The Central Significance of Culture – after the latter was approved by Potchefstroom University for my M.A. status in Culture (Kultuurkunde) under the direction of Professor Drs…. Read more »