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Luther’s Jenseitige Eschatology

-1 – Jenseitig!   Unlike the theologically-impoverished English language, German has a fine word to describe "the life hereafter" alias "the life after death." Jenseitig — "on the other side of"; or "hereafter in the next life."   And that, notwithstanding the paucity of German compared to Dutch and English books thereon in modern theological literature after… Read more »

Luther on Baptism Against the Anabaptists

– 1 – In his own work Concerning Rebaptism (1528), Luther thrashes the Anabaptists.   They had over-emphasized the subjective and downgraded the objective side of baptism.   Yet, Luther retorted, important as faith is — it is the Word, and not faith, which is the basis of baptism.   Any would-be baptizer who regards faith on the… Read more »

Review of Thornwell’s The Validity of the Baptism of the Church of Rome

BOOK REVIEW – The  Validity  of  the  Baptism  of  the Church of Rome, abridged  from J.H. Thornwell, and with a Foreword by John MacLeod. Focus Christian Ministries Trust, 1991.   Editor Tony Home asked me to review the above for a 1992 issue of The Presbyterian.   Apart from the Foreword, it’s an 87-page abridgement of Thornwell’s… Read more »

John Calvin on the Genesis of Genesis

-1 – "History," asserts Calvin, "is traced back through a long series of past ages….   Moses testifies….   He does not here put forward divinations of his own, but is the instrument of the Holy Spirit for the publication of those things which it was of importance for all men to know….   He does not transmit… Read more »

The Jewish Encyclopaedia on Judaism

Right before the Second World War (1939-45), Judaistic attitudes were well summarized by the prominent Judaists who then wrote their 1938 Jewish Encyclopaedia.   Thereafter, the Judaistic State of Israel was set up in Palestine in 1948 to perpetuate those attitudes — with the strong support of Judaists elsewhere in general, and in the United States… Read more »

Jahweh – Jehovah

– 1 – In Exodus 3:14 God says: "I am Whom I am"; and in 6:1-3 He calls Himself "Jehovah." There, even the vocalization "Jahweh" seems to mean: "He is"; or "He causes to exist." So too in Genesis 2:4f,       In John 8:58, Jesus says: "Before Abram was, I am."   And in Revelation 4:8 (cf…. Read more »

The Influence of Puritan Archbishop Rev. Dr. James Ussher on Church History and the Westminster Confession of Faith

Editor’s Comment: For more than three hundred years, Ussher’s colossal History of the World remained inaccessible to all but the most esoteric of scholars. Vision Forum is pleased to present to our family of friends the first English translation of this work. A hero of biblical chronology and one of the most astute church historians… Read more »

Hosea 6’s Comprehensive Covenant

 GOD’S COVENANT: COSMOS-EMBRACING; DECALOGICAL; IRREVOCABLE The Prophet Hosea (around B.C. 750) made a very important prediction.   That forecast, at its deepest level, apparently refers to the work of the Second Adam Jesus Christ — and to the then-still-to-be-outpoured gift of His Holy Spirit on the New Testament’s first Pentecost Sunday. Here is that divine prognostication…. Read more »

Christ’s Great Commission and Infant Salvation

We need to look at Christ's Great Commission.   Just before He gave it, covenant children (paidas) had been praising Jesus.   He Himself had then insisted that God had perfected His praise — even out of the mouth of speech-less in-fants (nepia) and unweaned babies (thelazonta).   Indeed, He soon went on to assure especially the tiny… Read more »