Baptism Does Not Regenerate! – Calvinism Versus “Christening”


"In several of the [Pagan] Mystery-Religions, ‘Baptism’ was the means to the remission of the penalties of sin and of regeneration.   Compare Tertullian’s De Bapt. 5 &  Adv. Haer. 40.  The ‘Baptism’ of the taurobolium [alias the showering with bull’s blood] was valid for twenty years."34

Unintended yet striking corroboration of the above, comes also from the camp of Traditionalistic Romanism.  Thus Dr. B.V. Miller, Oscott Professor of Dogmatic Theology at St. Mary's College.

According to Miller: “All competent Scholars are agreed that from the end of the third century, the Catholic theology of the Mass” — that is, the Romish perversion of Holy Communion alias the Eucharist — “was fixed…..   It is maintained by many [viz. by Protestants] that this [viz. the Mass] is a perversion of the primitive doctrine….   The principal author of the innovation and of the change in the current of theological tradition, is said to be St. Cyprian."35