Baptism Does Not Regenerate! – Calvinism Versus “Christening”


119.  Calvin's Antidote to the Romish Articles of Paris 120.  No indiscriminate Baptisms of all applicants (by whomsoever) 121.  Calvin's Ministerial Register anent Baptism 122.  The baptismal views of Rome's Council of Trent 123.  Calvin's general demolition of Rome's Tridentine baptismal views 124.  Trent's Seventh Session on Baptism — and Calvin's Antidote 125.  Syncretism between Romanism and Pseudo-Protestantism anent Baptism 126.  Calvin attacked the 'Adultero-German Interim' on Baptism 127.  Calvin's baptismal Appendix against syncretism 128.  Are ‘Emergency Baptisms’ by nursemaids proper and praiseworthy? 129.  Calvin's critique of Augustine's doctrine of ‘Emergency Baptisms’ 130.  Non-Lutheran Calvinists 'de-zwinglianized' the Swiss churches 131.  The Zurich Articles anent the Sacraments 132.  Baptismal water does not cleanse, but it does seal salvation 133.  Calvin warned England's Edward VI against baptismal regenerationism 134.  (Ultra-)Lutherans were informed that Calvin opposed baptismal regenerationism 135.  Calvin refuted the Ultra-Lutheran Westphal on 'baptismal heresy' 136.  Calvin’s conclusion: Baptism does not regenerate