Biblical Church Government – Part 2

Now the Triune God and Paramount Prophet-Priest-King made man as His Own image.15 So  man too is a (small-scale) Prophet-Priest-King.16   Before the fall,17 the Prophet Adam18 called every living creature by its God-approved name.   He declared God's Word to Eve, and would also have "preached" it to the whole human race each sabbath — even if the fall had never occurred.19

It seems Adam also wrote down, in the beginning of Holy Scripture, God's account of the work of creation (Genesis 1:1 to 2:3) — and almost certainly wrote down "the book of the generations of Adam" (Genesis 5:1f).   After the fall, he still communicated the Word of God to his wife and to his son the Prophet Abel (and to all his other children too).20   Yes, even Cain's descendant (the false-prophet Lamech) communicated the word of man to his family.21