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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Biblical Church Government – Part 2


In Abraham (to whom God Himself preached the Gospel even through the Prophet Melchizedek),26 the Ministry of preaching reached a new height.   For the Prophet Abraham not only communicated the Word of the Lord to unbelievers outside the covenant.27   But he also preached God’s Word to his own entire household inside the covenant, too.28   That household was a Congregation of perhaps at least a thousand souls,29 and Abraham administered to them the “visible Word” of the Sacrament30 as well as the “audible Word” of the Divine Teachings.31

Nor can it be doubted that Abraham’s thus-instructed son (the Prophet Isaac)32 and Isaac’s son (the Prophet Jacob)33 and Jacob’s sons (the Patriarchal Prophets in general34 and the Prophet Joseph and the Prophet Levi in particular)35 all did exactly the same.   Consequently, the mention of other prophetic Levites (such as the Prophet Moses36 and the Prophet Aaron)37 should occasion us no surprise.

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