Biblical Church Government – Part 2

It was apparently in the days of Adam's grandson Enos, however, that men began "to call upon the Name of the Lord" in congregational worship — and probably under the liturgical leadership of a prophetic Preacher.22   And, somewhat later, we are told that the Prophet Enoch proclaimed the coming of the Lord in judgment against the ungodly.23   Similarly, the Prophet Noah preached the Gospel of redemption and of judgment to all mankind right before the flood24 — and also wrote down all the details of the Great Flood for all surviving mankind thereafter too.25

Calvin wrote in the Dedication and the Argument of his Commentary on Genesis: "The history of the creation of the world…will engage your thoughts….   Shortly after the building of Babel, the memory of those things…was obliterated….   They took no care to carry along…what they had heard from their fathers concerning the creation of the world….   Hence it has happened that no nation, the posterity of Abraham alone excepted, knew for more than two thousand successive years…from what fountain it..had sprung or when the universal race of man began to exist….