Biblical Church Government – Part 2

"The intention of Moses, in beginning his book with the creation of the world, is to render God as it were visible to us in His works….   He does not here put forward divinations of his own, but is the instrument of the Holy Spirit….   He does not transmit to memory things before unheard of, but…consigns to writing facts which the fathers had delivered…through a long succession of years to their children….  

"No sane person doubts that Adam was well instructed….   Were the holy Patriarchs so ungrateful, as to suppress in silence such necessary instruction?   Did Noah, warned by a divine judgment so memorable, neglect to transmit it to posterity (cf. Genesis 10:1f)?   Abraham…was the teacher and the master of his family (Genesis 18:19)….   Long before the time of Moses, an acquaintance with the covenant…was common to the whole people….   It pleased the Lord to commit the history to writing, for the purpose of preserving its purity.   Moses therefore has establishing the credibility of that doctrine which is contained in his writings."