Biblical Church Government – Part 2

Prophecy waned after the death of Samuel,56 but it again reached a highwater mark in David and Solomon.   For the Prophet David57 not only composed and sang prophetic Psalms, but he also gave us the now inscripturated prophecies known as the Book of Psalms or the Psalter.511 And his son the Prophet Solomon59 gave us most of the Book of Proverbs60 and the Song of Solomon61 and possibly even the Book of Ecclesiastes or "The Preacher."62

Even after the fall of Solomon's united kingdom in the days of his son Rehoboam, there was no diminution in the occurrence of prophecy.   Earlier, the Prophet Gad and the Prophet Nathan63 and the Seers (or the Prophet Heman and the Prophet Asaph and the Prophet Jedutun)64 had preached to David.   And now, the prophetic activity even increased.