Biblical Church Government – Part 2

Somewhat after Ezekiel, the Prophet Daniel started to preach against the successive world empires of Babylon and Persia and Greece and Ancient Pagan Rome161 (alias Ezekiel's Gog).159 And after Daniel's time, in the days of the Persian Empire the Prophet Haggai preached to Zerubbabel the Governor of Judah — telling him that the time had come for the temple (which the Babylonians had destroyed) to be reconstructed in Jerusalem.162   This was in turn followed by the messages of the Prophet Iddo,163 the Prophet Zechariah,l64 and the Prophet Malachi.165 And all of these messages pointed to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in *0 to 70 A.D. as "the Great Prophet" or "the Messenger of the Covenant" or "the Angel" —  Who would fulfill and replace and abolish and advance the *by-then-reconstructed temple.166