Biblical Church Government – Part 2


from olden times has in every city them that preach him — (his prophetic Books) being read in the Synagogues every sabbath day," together with "the voices of the Prophets which are read every sabbath day."195

Let us at this point summarize the testimony of the Old Testament Scriptures concerning the Office or Ministry of the Prophet-Preacher.   First, the Old Testament Prophet-Preachers were not only those who wrote the canonical Books of the "Major and Minor Prophets" like Isaiah through Malachi.   But they also included all those who expounded God's Word.   Sometimes, even from father to son, they reached back through men of God like Elisha and Elijah and Ahijah and Solomon, and David and Nathan and Samuel and Joshua and Moses and Abraham and Melchizedek and Noah and Abel — even unto Adam as the first human Prophet196 (who was himself made as the image of God the Great Prophet).197