Biblical Church Government – Part 2

"To preserve the truth or doctrine of the Gospel…, is committed in an especial manner unto the Pastors….   The Apostle frequently and emphatically repeats the charge of it unto Timothy — and in him unto all [to whom] the dispensation of the Word is committed.   First Timothy 1:3f & 4:6f,16 & 6:20; and Second Timothy 1:14 & 2:25 & 4:14-17….   What learning, labour, study, pains, ability, and exercise…are ordinarily required unto the right discharge of these duties!…   Where men may be useful to the church in other things but are defective in these — it becomes them to walk and act both circumspectly and humbly, frequently desiring and adhering unto the advices of them who God hath intrusted with more talents and greater abilities….   The …preaching of the Word…is committed unto the Pastors."   Rev. Dr. John Owen: Duties of Pastors (in Works, XVI, p. 81f).