Biblical Church Government – Part 3

This is why the (Spirit-filled) Deacon37 is conscious of the spirit-ual  nature of the essentially material blessings he is to dispense as he goes about his official diaconal work.   For, as Roscam Abbing has pointed out, "the Deacon too serves God  the Father as Creator, God  the Son as Atoner, and God the Holy Spirit as Recreator" (of all material things too).41   And God created and atoned and recreates all material things in a dichotomy-less and spirit-ual way.

This is why Kuyper too remarked that "a Deacon occupies an Office…given him by Christ just as important as that of Preacher or as that of Elder.   To say that Deacons only labour in material things and are therefore inferior to Preachers and Elders who labour in spiritual things, is to adopt a false dichotomy….   The Diaconate is the Office of Christian love,42 and…in Christ's Church the Diaconate must stand alongside the Presbyteriate and the (Preaching) Ministry in order to exhibit the official service of divine mercy."43