Biblical Church Government – Part 3

Here we shall successively discuss the following sections.   (1) Everybody needs "diaconal" help.  (2) The Diaconate and priestly service.   (3) God is our great Deacon.   (4) Man is essentially a priestly Deacon.   (5) The Levitical priesthood and the Diaconate.   (6) Jesus Christ our model Priest and Deacon.   (7) The priesthood of all Christians.   (8) The instituting of the Diaconate.  (9) The duties and requirements of Deacons.   (10) The relationship between the Diaconate and other bodies.   (11) The function of the Diaconate today.   (12) Were Early Christians and Deacons ever Communists?   (13) Deacons at the Tables, the Love Feast, and the Lord's Supper.  (14) Did "Deacons" Stephen and Philip ever "preach" or baptize?   (15) Are "Deaconesses" indeed fully-fledged "Deacons"?   (16) Final Conclusions about the Diaconate and its functions.  (17) Endnotes.   And lastly, (18) Select Bibliography.