Biblical Church Government – Part 3


To be a "Deacon" in the Church of Jesus, means to be a "help."   The world needs help. It still has at least seven million lepers.   Each year about three hundred million people get malaria and at least three million die from it.   Millions more are enslaved to dangerous drugs. One third of the human race has grossly inadequate housing (and sometimes none at all).   And malnutrition rose from 40% of the world population just before the Second World War to more than 60% today.2

Christians too need help.   Not only do they need spiritual sanctification,3 but they often also need material support.   For they too get sick,4 widowed,5 distressed through natural disasters such as floods and tornadoes,6 dislocated by political upheavals such as civil or international wars,7 and economically afflicted by depressions or droughts.8