The Works of

Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Biblical Church Government – Part 4



“‘Lord God, the Steward (Ben Meshech or Oikogenous) is this Eliezer’…,                                   Abraham spoke to his Elder (his bearded Zeqan or his old Presbuterooi)                    who ruled over all he had.”   Genesis 15:2 & 24:2.

There is no more important Officer in the Christian Church, than the Elder.   Whatever else Preachers and even Patriarchs and Apostles may be, they too are also basically “Elders.”   First Timothy 5:17f and Revelation 4:4-11 & 21:12-14.

One of the very words for “Elder” — Presbuteros in the Greek1 — has given the name ‘Presbyterian’ to perhaps the oldest2 denomination.   Indeed, Presbyterianism is unthinkable without Elders.   So too is the Biblical Church — from Genesis to Revelation, and beyond.

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