Biblical Church Government – Part 5

May we finally please consider the views of some of the great Protestant Leaders on these topics?   We mean those of Luther; Zwingli; Calvin; the First Book of Discipline of the 1560 Scottish Reformed Church; the First Book of Discipline of the 1574 Presbyterian Church in England; Dr. John Owen, the greatest Congregationalist of all time; the Manifesto of Independents at the end of the seventeenth century; and the greatest ever Baptist of all time, Dr. Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

Declared Martin Luther: "The Holy Supper especially must be guarded from unworthy, i.e. manifest sinners….   Since whoever may be excommunicated must, first of all, be publically convicted before the Congregation — there is due also to the Congregation, and that the Congregation of the place, a voice in the matter.   For it concerns the souls belonging to the Congregation.   And therefore the Congregation should be furnished with Judges.   Exodus 18:12,21f and Deuteronomy 17:12-17 & 21:2f,19f.4