Biblical, Irish and British Roots of 1861-65 Confederacy

Especially Japheth and his descendants would "dwell in the tents of Shem"13 — and thus maintain those ancient customs.   Such descendants would include Japheth’s two firstborn sons Gomer and Magog (alias the ancestors of the Cymr-i or the Ancient Britons14 and of the Scyt-hians or the Scot-ic Irish).15

Noah’s son Japheth dwelt in the blessed tents of Shem, the ancestor of Eber or Heber (the father of the Heber-ews and the Eber-ians or Celt-Iberians).   Then, in the days of Heber’s son the Heber-ew Peleg, mankind was dispersed.16

Even thereafter, the Pre-Christian Ancient Heber-ews and other merchants from the Near East had ongoing contact with the British Isles.17   But even quite apart from that, the Ancient British Islanders long preserved the early ‘Shem-itic’ religion of the Japhethitic Gomer-ites or Welsh-Cymric Cimmer-ians and the Japhethitic Magog-ians or Iro-Scotic Scyth-ians.18