Biblical, Irish and British Roots of 1861-65 Confederacy

Also in 1643f, the Solemn League and Covenant established a Confederacy between England and Scotland and Ireland.   That in turn rooted in the National Covenant of 1580 and later — which re-affirmed the confederated solidarity of the nation in all of its classes and families.

Also Ancient Britain was a confederacy.   This is seen in 420 A.D., when the various regions confederated together for defence after the Romans left.   Earlier, it was seen also in 40-85 A.D., when the various tribes had stood together against the Romans –as they had also done in B.C. 58-55, to defend themselves against Julius Caesar.   Indeed, even as early as B.C. 510, Britain had confederated under King Mulmutius of Cornwall — for purposes of maintaining law and order.