Biblical, Irish and British Roots of 1861-65 Confederacy

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Finally, the Triune God Who created us all is Himself the original and ongoing Confederacy.3   For all three Persons of the Holy Trinity were always in confederate covenant with one Another — and at man’s creation, that Triune God entered into a confederate covenant with all mankind.   Unlike Yankee Transcendentalists, God was never a Unitarian!

Man broke that confederate covenant with God, and instead allied himself with Satan and against God.   But God then came and re-affirmed that confederate covenant with man and against Satan.

When the fallen but Gospel-believing Adam and Eve left Eden, they found themselves in what is now Iraq.4   Later, after the Great Flood, their tenth-generation descendant Noah and his sons Shem and Ham and Japheth and their families left the ark.   They then found themselves on the Ararat Mountain Range, somewhere in Greater Armenia.5