Biblical Presbyterian Eldership

The words for "Elder" — in the original Biblical languages —   imply dignity and maturity.   Significantly, in the Old Testament Hebrew, we find the Elder described by words such as: zaaqeen (or "bearded one"); Sjaab (or "Grey-headed One"); Choor (or "Noble"); Saagaan (or "Ruler" alias "Prefect"); and Sjar (alias "Controller" or "Prince").  Several Elders at a time sat together as a Gerousia (alias a "Session of older men") —  and also as a Sanhedrin (alias a "Council-in-session").     In the New Testament Greek, we are told that the Presbuteerion (or Presbytery) consists of Presbuteroi (alias "Elders") -or "Episkopoi"1  (alias "Overseers").2