Biblical Presbyterian Eldership

Elders were established in every Congregation of Hebrew Christians, both in Palestine and in the Diaspora.    So too, Elders were similarly established in the largely Gentile-Christian Congregations within the Presbytery of Ephesus (now in Western Turkey).   There, they were required to take heed of the flock of Christ — over which the Holy Ghost had made them Overseers or ‘Bishops.’    Further, Elders or Pastoral

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Shepherds (alias Bishops) were appointed in the Congregation of Philippi in Northern Greece, and in the church of Corinth in Central Greece — where we are told that ecclesiastical Elders or "Governments" were established.   We are also told that Elders were appointed: in the Congregations at Rome (where each appointed Elder was to "keep on ruling with diligence"); and in the various Ccongregations in Crete (by the apostolically-appointed Preacher-Evangelist Titus).  Thus, Ruling Elders were installed over every Christian Congregation throughout the Apostolic World.43