Biblical Presbyterian Eldership

Moreover, his own children (if any) must be faithful.   He himself must not be selfwilled, short-tempered nor pugnacious — but teachable, learned, and sound in doctrine.   He needs to be able to exhort, and to refute all gainsayers of Christian truth.  As one accountable for all souls under his care, he is instantly to be prayerful and helpful — especially in assisting the sick. Last, he is to feed the flock of God in an exemplary way.   Yet all this he can do — only if he himself worshipfully praises God.67

May all Ruling Elders (and all Preaching Elders too) then always remember the golden words of the great Apostle Peter: "The Elders who are among you, I exhort — I who am also an Elder….    Feed the flock of God which is among you!    Oversee it not by constraint, but with willingness — not for the sake of filthy lucre, but out of a ready mind!    Neither may you lord it over God's heritage — but be examples to the flock!  Then, when the Chief Shepherd shall appear, you shall receive an unfading crown of glory….   God resists the proud, but keeps on giving grace to the humble.    Therefore, keep on humbling yourselves under God's mighty hand!"    For Sessions should offer no place to proud men like Diotrophes!68