Biblical Presbyterian Eldership

It was the Elders who encouraged Moses and assisted him to obey God and to lead His rebellious people.13    It was the Elders who assembled with Moses and Aaron to eat bread before God.14    Indeed, it-was apparently from their midst that "tithed Rulers" of tens, fifties, hundreds and thousands were now appointed.   Thus, each such "Special Elder" in addition to continuing to rule and shepherd his own family was made responsible also for ruling and shepherding some ten of the other (perhaps half a million) families of the people of Israel.15 This then became the rationale for Israel's constitution for her official worship services, as well as for her presbyterial ‘decimal divisions'– a "tithed Eldership" in a tithing Church! For these "Elders-of-tens" apparently corresponded to the New Testament's local Elders, who rule in the Session.   Yet next — and apparently from among those Elders-oftens — other "Elders-of-fifties" were appointed (probably corresponding to our modern ruling Elders in the regional Presbytery).   Further again, apparently from among these Elders-of-fifties, also yet other "Elders-of-hundreds" were appointed (corresponding to our modern statewide Elders, such as in the Queensland State Assembly in Australia and the Tennessee State Elders in the U.S.A.).   Finally, apparently from those Elders-of-hundreds, "Elders-of-thousands" were appointed.    These latter corresponded to our New Testament and modern National Elders, such as in the General Assembly of Australia.16    Moses himself, as Moderator and Mediator of the Old Testament, presided over Israel's "General Assembly"17 — as a type of Jesus Christ (the only ultimate Moderator and Mediator of the General Assembly of His Church).