Biblical View of Human Cloning

Gurdon then divided those cells from one another, and impregnated each one of them (C & D & E & F etc.) into one of a similar number of denucleated egg-cells (0 & P & Q & R etc.). Each of the latter was similar to the original denucleated egg-cell B. Once cells C & D & E & F (etc.) had impregnated the denucleated egg-cells O & P & Q & R (etc.), the latter then developed into a whole colony (S & T & U & V & W & X & Y & Z etc.) of tadpoles (which in turn later became frogs).

Those several tadpoles (S & T & U & V & W & X & Y & Z etc.) were all identical both to one another and also to the first tadpole A from which the original cell had been taken. In this way, tadpole A had now been cloned into the “identical octuplets” (S & T & U & V & W & X & Y & Z etc.). Each of them was also an “identical twin” of its own “identical parent” A. So, A — through human agency — had been induced artificially to (re)produce (S & T & U & V & W & X & Y & Z etc.) from their own “grandmother” B, yet without A ever having “mated” either with her or with her offspring O & P & Q & R (etc.).