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Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N. Lee

Calvin on Creation

All this later led to the “Noachic flood geology” first of Burnet and Whiston, and now of Whitcomb and Morris.   John Calvin, however, followed the true Biblical line – stressing the rationality (and materiality and continuity) of the prefall creation as it unfolded further (in spite of sin) into our present world.

3.   John Calvin’s historic and prophetic and patristic view of creation

After many centuries of ecclesiastical deformation, Calvin the Reformer re-established the true historic-prophetic-patristic creation hermeneutic.   He did so by retracing the understanding of creation by Adam, Noah, Moses, David, Solomon, Isaiah, Malachi, Shammai, Josephus, Peter, Paul, John, Barnabas, Theophilus, Basil, Ambrose and Augustine.

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