Calvin on Creation

Yet after Augustine, however, the Papal Church arouse (from about 600 A.D. onward). Now, for the next millennium, the doctrine of creation often relapsed into a neo-hellenistic allegorizing.17

Reaction came after that millennium.   Humanists (like Erasmus) overreacted and made man central in the doctrine of creation.   Voluntarists (like Luther) irrationally asserted that Adam had the strength of several bears, and never ate even apples before the fall.

Neo-Manichaeans minimized man’s natural lordship over the animals.   Anabaptists (like Thomas Münzer and Melchior Hoffmann and Michael Servetus) dispensationalistically doubted the continuity between the  prefall creation and our present world, and between the created nature of the first Adam and that of the Second Adam Jesus Christ.