Calvin on the Papacy

On Deuteronomy 10:15-21, Calvin preached19 “that all things are out of order in the Popedom — because they be blind and ignorant; and do not know what God they serve; nor what Saint they should make their vows to (as their own proverb says).    Inasmuch as, when they have tired themselves with trotting up and down, they do not know where they are but seek anew in their imaginations.   Whereas to know God as He has shown Himself to us in His Word, so that they might yield to Him the reverence which is due to Him — they have no skill of it, neither is there any tidings of it among them….   What is the means whereby men think to pacify God in the Popedom — but by setting up of tapers, by burning of perfumes, and by doing such other pretty trifles!”