Calvin on the Papacy

“Daniel and Paul foretold that Antichrist would sit in the temple of God.   Daniel [7:7-25 &] 9:27 [& 12:712] and Second Thessalonians 2:4.   We regard the Roman Pontiff as the leader and the standard-bearer of that wicked and abominable kingdom [of Antichrist].   By placing his seat [or throne] in the temple of God, it is intimated that his kingdom would not be such as to destroy the name either of Christ or of His Church. 

“Hence, then, it is obvious that we do not at all deny that churches remain under his tyranny; churches, however, which by sacrilegious impiety he has profaned….   I call them ‘churches’ inasmuch as the Lord there wondrously preserves some remains of His people, though miserably torn…, and inasmuch as some symbols of the Church still remain….   On the other hand, those marks to which we ought especially to have respect in this discussion — are effaced.    I say that the whole body [of Papists], as well as every single assembly, lacks the form of a legitimate Church.”